Bratton Clovelly’s Soldiers & Sailors

It’s been a very busy winter and I’m sorry to have been neglectful of the blog. But we’ve finally gotten to a point in researching the soldiers and sailors of Bratton Clovelly where there’s more to share. Information on all the military members that we’ve found who are related to the parish and served in the 19th and 20th centuries have now been added to the Records section of the website.

Soldiers & Sailors Cover Page

We hope that this is just the beginning, though. The historic records can only tell part of the story and undoubtedly there are others who served that we haven’t found yet. So our hope in sharing this information is that those of you who know of these service members or their families will be able to help make the stories more personal and complete. Any information will be of value, like regiments and service numbers, but it’s the family stories, photos and mementos that will help everyone to remember best.

If you would like to take a closer look at this information, we’ve made a pdf booklet that can be printed out. Just click here for this booklet, which contains everything we’ve discovered so far. Please contact us if you recognise anyone!

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