UPDATE: The 1939 Register is now available. See what you can find as the War years approached. Also, read about the many young Servants in Bratton Clovelly.

Bratton Clovelly is a beautiful village in West Devon where my ancestors lived in medieval times. The purpose of this site is to capture whatever we can learn of the parish, its inhabitants and properties before the time of people now living. Our aim is to include transcripts of historical records, photos, stories, analyses and other information that might help to picture what the parish was like through the centuries.

If you want to know what’s happening in Bratton Clovelly today, please check out theirĀ parish website.

Visit our Blog to see arrivals to the site such as the parish Gravestones and Bratton Manor Rolls.
If you would like to participate in this study or can contribute information, please contact us. There’s so much to learn and we’d appreciate hearing from you. You might:

  • have lived in or know the village or surrounding area
  • know about the church, chapels, schools or businesses in the parish
  • know or have information on any of the families who have historically lived in the parish
  • know about the farms or village properties
  • have photos, stories, documents or papers relating to Bratton Clovelly’s past
  • just have an interest in finding out more!
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