Wills Held by the Devon Heritage Centre 1817-1857

The following wills of residents of the Bratton Clovelly parish are held by the Devon Heritage Centre. These wills were proved in the Exeter Diocese or Archdeaconry of Totnes. They are known as the Inland Revenue Wills Series or the Estate Duty Office Wills.

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SurnameGiven NameWrittenProvedOccupationExecutor/trixNames & RelationshipsDHC RefTranscript
TeaylorJohn18171818YeomanWilliam Teaylor, sonJohn Teaylor, son & legatee
Mary Teaylor, daughter & legatee
Jane Trinaman, daughter & legatee
Elizabeth Teaylor, daughter & legatee
Joanna Teaylor, granddaughter & legatee
Elizabeth Trinaman, granddaughter & legatee
Roger Reddicliffe, witness
William White, witness
KennardNicholas18161819YeomanRichard Kennard, sonElizabeth Kennard, wife & legatee
Nicholas Kennard, son & legatee
William Kennard, son & legatee
Elizabeth Marshal, daughter & legatee
Jane Down, daughter & legatee
Ann Johns, daughter & legatee
Sarah Jackman, daughter & legatee
William Sleman, bond due to testator
Roger Reddicliffe, witness
William Baker, witness
WeeksGrace18191820WidowWilliam Weeks, sonCoryndon Weeks, grandson & legatee
Richard Helson, legatee
Mary Baskerville, daughter & legatee
Richard Baskerville, husband of Mary
Nicholas Baskerville Jr, witness
CoryMary18161821WidowSamuel Cory, son
James Cory, son
John Cory, son & legatee
Richard Cory, son & legatee
William Eastcott, son in law & legatee
Mary Eastcott, daughter & legatee
John Bickle, son in law & legatee
Grace Bickle, daughter & legatee
John Bickle, witness
John Bickle (2), witness
PeardRichard18151821YeomanRichard Peard, sonMary Peard, wife & legatee
Jane Rendle, legatee
William Rendle, husband of Jane
Susanna Rice, legatee
William Rice, husband of Susanna
William Peard, son & legatee
Richard[?] Smith, witness
Robert Northcott, witness
William Nill[?], witness
HamDavid18231824YeomanRobert Ham, son
Phillip Ham, son
Gregory Ham, son
Grace Ham, wife & legatee
David Ham, son & legatee
Joseph Squires, son in law
Elizabeth Squires, granddaughter & legatee
Joseph Squires, grandson & legatee
Jane Squires, granddaughter & legatee
John Squires, grandson & legatee
Martha Squires, granddaughter & legatee
Mary Squire, daughter & legatee
Mary Grace Squire, granddaughter & legatee
Phillippa Martin, daughter & legatee
Roger Reddicliffe, witness
Richard Reddicliffe, witness
Thomas North, witness
HortopJohn18261826Yeoman, batchelorJames Hortop, brotherRoger Hortop, brother & legatee
William Hortop, brother & legatee
Henry Hortop, brother & legatee
Grace Bevan, sister & legatee
Mary Rice, sister & legatee
Joan Rundle, sister & legatee
Elizabeth Helson, sister & legatee
Roger Hortop, nephew (son of Roger) & legatee
William Hortop, nephew (son of Henry) & legatee
William Martyn, witness
William Abbott, witness
DownRichard18261827YeomanRichard Down, sonJane Down, wife & legatee
John Down, son & legatee
Elizabeth Gloyn, daughter & legatee
Richard Gloyn, husband of Elizabeth
Honour Finning, daughter & legatee
Henry Finning, husband of Honour
Jane Seward, daughter & legatee
John Seward, husband of Jane
Nicholas Down, son & legatee
Mary Down, daughter & legatee
Thomas Down, son & legatee
George Cowle, witness
William Dennis, witness
KennardElizabeth18191827WidowRichard Kennard, sonAnn Johns, daughter & legatee
Elizabeth Marshall, daughter & legatee
Jane Down, daughter & legatee
Nicholas Kennard, son & legatee
Sarah Jackman, daughter & legatee
William Kennard, son & legatee
Elizabeth Kennard, wife of Richard
Grace Kennard, granddaughter (daughter of Richard) & legatee
John Kennard, grandson (son of Richard) & legatee
Roger Reddicliffe, witness
John Down, witness
PeardRichard18291830YeomanAlice Peard, wifeRichard Peard, son & legatee
William Peard, son & legatee
Mary Peard, daughter & legatee
Betsy Peard, daughter & legatee
Grace Peard, daughter & legatee
William Rundle, brother in law
William W Gurney, witness
Frances Bedford, witness
John Hatch, witness
MetterMary18321832WidowWilliam Metter, sonJohn Metter, son & legatee
Richard Metter, son & legatee
Walter Metter, son & legatee
Thomas Metter, son, deceased
Sarah Metter, daughter in law & legatee
Thomas Metter, son, deceased husband of Sarah
Grace Coombe, daughter & legatee
William Coombe, husband of Grace
Mary Daw, daughter & legatee
John Daw, husband of Mary
Alice Daw, daughter & legatee
Thomas Daw, husband of Alice
James Metter, son & legatee
George Metter, son & legatee
Robert Bevan, witness
John Oswell, witness
SkelleyHenry18321836YeomanMary Skelley, wifeHenry Skelley, son & legatee
Mary Chubb, daughter & legatee
Liza Martyn, granddaughter & legatee
Mary Ann Williams, granddaughter & legatee
John Williams, grandson & legatee
James Williams, grandson & legatee
Richard Williams, grandson & legatee
William Williams, grandson & legatee
Henry Williams, grandson & legatee
Hariet Williams, granddaughter & legatee
William Scovern, grandson & legatee
Robert Scovern, grandson & legatee
Suffia Scovern, granddaughter & legatee
Richard Scovern, grandson & legatee
Charlotte Scovern, granddaughter & legatee
Mary Ann Scovern, granddaughter & legatee
John Scovern, grandson & legatee
Isaac Scovern, grandson & legatee
Richard Skelley, grandson & legatee
William Skelley, grandson & legatee
Henry Chubb, grandson & legatee
Richard Chubb, grandson & legatee
Agnes Chubb, granddaughter & legatee
Harriett Skelley, granddaughter & legatee
Frances Williams, daughter & legatee
Elizabeth Scovern, daughter & legatee
John Nichols, witness
John Horn, witness
HatchJohn18301837GentlemanMargaret Hatch, wifeAgnes Hanns, daughter & legatee
George Hanns, husband of Agnes
William Martin, friend & trustee, Wrixall
William Tickle, friend & trustee, Bannadon
Elizabeth Brock, daughter & legatee
Richard Brock, husband of Elizabeth
Susanna Creemer, daughter & legatee
Richard Creemer, husband of Susanna
Mary Martin, daughter & legatee
John Martin, husband of Mary
Peggy Hatch, daughter & legatee
Sarah Hatch, daughter & legatee
Jane Hatch, daughter & legatee
Joanna Hatch, daughter & legatee
Alice Hatch, daughter & legatee
William[?] Lee, witness
William Bond, witness
Thomas Joyce, witness
PalmerMary18341838WidowNicholas Palmer, sonWilliam Palmer, son & legatee
Jane Palmer, daughter in law (wife of William) & legatee
John Palmer, son & legatee
Betty Palmer, daughter in law (wife of John) & legatee
Richard Palmer, son & legatee
Mary Palmer, daughter in law (wife of Richard) & legatee
Martha Horn, daughter & legatee
Charles Horn, son in law (husband of Martha) & legatee
Mary Abbott, daughter & legatee
William Abbott, son in law (husband of Mary) & legatee
Grace Ellis, daughter & legatee
John Glanvill, tenant
William Bard, witness
John Marsh Bard, witness
PhearJohn18381838YeomanThomas Phear, sonWilliam Baker, tenant
Samuel Rice, tenant
William Phear, grandson (son of Thomas) & legatee
John Phear, grandson (son of Thomas) & legatee
Thomas Phear, grandson (son of Thomas) & legatee
Thomas Shopland, trustee
William Baker, trustee
Mary Ann Phear, granddaughter (daughter of Thomas) & legatee
William Martyn, witness
Thomas Shopland, witness
William Baskervill, witness
RiceWilliam18381838YeomanCharlotte Rice, wifeJohn Rice, brother & trustee
William Wimpey, friend & trustee
Mr Millett, mortgage holder
William Rice, uncle
Mary Martin, mother & legatee
William Rice, son & legatee
Charlotte Rice, daughter & legatee
Mary Rice, daughter & legatee
William W Gurney, witness
Thomas Shopland, witness
Thomas Rice, witness
VoadenJohn18381838YeomanWilliam Voaden, sonJohn Voaden, son & legatee
Mary Martin, daughter & legatee
Stephen Voaden, son & legatee
Grace Seccombe, daughter & legatee
Alice Smallacombe, daughter & legatee
Thomasin Drew, legatee
Richard Voaden, son, deceased
William Voaden, grandson (son of Richard) & legatee
Alice Voaden, granddaughter (daughter of Richard) & legatee
Grace Voaden, granddaughter (daughter of Richard) & legatee
Roger Reddicliffe, witness
Robert Down, witness
Maria Rich, witness
BoxHenry18391839YeomanElizabeth Box, wife
Henry Box, son
William Box, son
Grace Goodman, daughter & legatee
Elizabeth Box, daughter & legatee
Jane Box, daughter & legatee
Henry Pethick, witness
Elizabeth Sandeurs, witness
RundleWilliam18391839YeomanJenny Rundle, wifeMary Smale, daughter & legatee
John Rundle, son & legatee
William Rundle, son & legatee
James Rundle, son & legatee
Henry Rundle, son & legatee
Harriet Rundle, daughter & legatee
Grace Rundle, daughter & legatee
Robert Rundle, son & legatee
William Tickle, witness
Issacher Worden, witness
BedfordFrances18401840WidowWilliam Walter Gurney, nephewAnna Cooper, sister & legatee
William Burne, brother & legatee
Charles Burne, brother & legatee
Trelawny Burne, wife of Charles
Bedford Kenyon's five younger children, legatees
Joanna Taylor, servant & legatee
Elizabeth Drowne, servant & legatee
Susan Eliza Burne, niece (daughter of Charles & Trelawny) & legatee
Maria Frances Gurney, goddaughter
Anna Elizabeth Gurney, legatee
James Medland, witness
Martha Taylor, witness
Grace Taylor, witness
HatchMargaret18391840WidowPeggy Hatch, daughter
Jane Hatch, daughter
Joanna Hatch, daughter
John Rice, son in law
John Martin, son in law
Elizabeth Brock, daughter & legatee
Richard Brock, husband of Elizabeth
Susanna Creamer, daughter & legatee
Richard Creamer, husband of Susanna
Mary Martin, daughter & legatee
John Martin, husband of Mary
Peggy Hatch, daughter & legatee
Sally (Sarah) Kennard, daughter & legatee
Richard Kennard, husband of Sally
Jane Hatch, daughter & legatee
Joanna Hatch, daughter & legatee
Alice Rice, daughter & legatee
John Rice, husband of Alice
Sir William Molesworth, Baronet, previous land owner
Thomas Pengelly, legatee
William Peard, legatee
Agnes Hanns, daughter & legatee
George Hanns, husband of Agnes
George Gould Snr, witness
William Gould, witness
HearnPhilip18401840YeomanHenry Hearn, sonGrace Hearn, wife & legatee
James Crocker, builder
John Henry Hearn, son & legatee
Henry Hearn, Langtree, trustee
John Webber, Meeth, trustee
Henry Churchward, witness
Thomas Roberts, witness
JackemanGrace18381843WidowJohn Jackeman, son
Richard Jackeman, son
Roger Jackeman, son
William Jackeman, son
Susanna Stanbury, daughter & legatee
William Stanbury, husband of Susanna
Grace Jackeman, daughter & legatee
Joanna Jackeman, daughter & legatee
Mary Jackeman, daughter & legatee
John Down
Thomas Shopland, witness
John Pine, witness
LuxmooreRichard18431844HusbandmanPeggy Hatch, spinster, daughter of the late John Hatch of Boasley
Joanna Hatch, spinster, daughter of the late John Hatch of Boasley
Peggy Hatch, legatee
Joanna Hatch, legatee
William Tickle, witness
Thomas Tickle, witness
KennardRichard18391845YeomanRichard Kennard, sonNicholas Kennard, son & legatee
William Kennard, son & legatee
John Kennard, son & legatee
Betty Beal, daughter & legatee
Grace Watkins, daughter & legatee
Elizabeth Kennard, wife & legatee
Roger Rice, witness
James Tayler, witness
Stephen Voaden, witness
SmallacombeGeorge18471847TailorAllice Smallacombe, wifeLeonard Smallacombe, father & legatee
John Smallacombe, brother & legatee
Leonard Smallacombe, brother & legatee
Roger Smallacombe, brother & legatee
Philip Smallacombe, brother & legatee
William Smallacombe, brother & legatee
Hugh Smallacombe, brother & legatee
Thomas Shapland, witness
William Hortop, witness
Nicholas Palmer, witness
TickleJohn18481849GentlemanWilliam Tickle, sonAgnes Seccombe, daughter & legatee
Roger Seccombe, husband of Agnes
William Tickle, grandson & legatee
Mary Pengelly, servant & legatee
James Phear, witness
C. Seymour, witness
BakerWilliam18511852YeomanWilliam Tickle, friendUnnamed, wife, legatee
John Baker, son & legatee
Edwin Baker, son & legatee
Mary Baker, daughter & legatee
Maria Baker, daughter & legatee
Richard Baker, son & legatee
William Tickle, trustee
Walter Phear, witness
John Brock, witness
SquireJohn18521852FarmerJoseph Squire of Goatacre, Broadwoodwidger
William Eastcott of Shop, Broadwoodwidger
Charlotte Squire, niece & legatee
Richard Eastcott, witness
William Eastcott, witness
Joseph Squire, witness
HamPhilip18431854YeomanDorothy Alford, daughterEdward Rowe, son in law & legatee
Dorothy Alford, daughter & legatee
Dorothy Alford's children
Richard Seccombe, trustee & witness
Richard Seccombe Junr, witness
Gregory Ham, witness
JackmanRichard18531854YeomanJohn Jackman, brother
Roger Jackman, brother
William Jackman, brother & legatee
Susanna Stanbury, sister & legatee
William Stanbury, husband of Susanna
Grace Hatch, sister & legatee
John Hatch, husband of Grace
Joanna Voaden, sister & legatee
Stephen Voaden, husband of Joanna
Mary Northcott, sister & legatee
Robert Northcott, husband of Mary
Sally Cory, witness
Henry Churchward, witness
SowdenRichard18531854LabourerJames Sowden, brotherJoanna Voaden, sister & legatee
Grace Tremears, sister & legatee
John Smale, witness
William Martin, witness
BakerJohn18551856YeomanWilliam Tickle of Bannadon, friendMary Baker, sister & legatee
Harriet Newton, sister & legatee
Maria Baker, sister & legatee
Maria Baker, mother & legatee
William Hortop, nephew & legatee
William Tickle, friend & trustee
James Phear, witness
Thomas Rice, witness
KarslakeJohn18571857YeomanJohn Karslake, sonMary Karslake Bolt, granddaughter & legatee
Mary Newcombe, daughter & legatee
Charlotte Karslake, daughter & legatee
Anna Karslake, daughter & legatee
John Karslake, witness
Richard Seccombe, witness
William Jobb, witness
PalmerJohn18571857InnkeeperBetty Palmer, wifeJohn Palmer, son & legatee
Mary Distant, daughter & legatee
William Distant, husband of Mary
William Palmer, son & legatee
Kezia Deacon, daughter & legatee
Thomas Deacon, husband of Kezia
Nicholas Palmer, son & legatee
Thomas Shopland, witness
Oliver Harris Higgins, witness