Wills held by The National Archives 1619-1854

The following wills of residents of the Bratton Clovelly parish are held by The National Archives. These wills were proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PROB series) or in the Court of the Archdeaconry of Totnes at Exeter (IR series).

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SurnameGiven NameWrittenProvedOccupationExecutor/trixNames & RelationshipsTNA RefTranscript
Coryndon or CorindonHenry16051619gentlemanThomas Coryndon, brotherJohn Stambury, legatee
Benjamin Stambury, legatee
Joane Adams, sister & legatee
Henry Underdown, overseer
William Rowe, overseer
Roger Walker, witness
Henry Underdon, witness
Leonard Northleigh, witness
Sir John Benet, judge
PROB 11/133/512link
ArscottJohn16511654yeomanJane Arscott, wifeJane Arscott, wife & legatee
Johan Reddacliffe, daughter & legatee
John Moore, witness
William Gluddon, witness
Richard Arscott, son & legatee
Mary (surname unspecified), daughter & legatee
Sybella Phare, daughter & legatee
Bartholomew Reddacliffe, son in law
Mary Reddacliffe, granddaughter & legatee
PROB 11/239/293link
ArscottRichard16531654husbandmanJane Arscott, motherRichard Frances, brother in law
Children of Richard Frances, legatees
Johan Reddacliffe, sister
Children of Johan Reddacliffe, legatees
Jane Arscott, mother & legatee
Mary Scarbell, witness
Susan Pitwood, witness
PROB 11/233/185link
PearesJohn16481655husbandmanCharitie Peares, wifeJohn Moore esq, lessor
Charitie Peares, wife & legatee
Abigaill Peares, daughter & legatee
John Peares, son & legatee
Robert Burdon, gent & lessor
Ambrose Weather, lessor
Armynell Weather, wife of Ambrose
Christian Peares, daughter & legatee
Arthur Dodge, witness
Johan Dodge, witness
PROB 11/245/544link
Ascott or AddescottJane16541657widowMary Scarbell, daughterJohane Reddacliffe, daughter & legatee
Bartholomew Reddacliffe, son in law
Mary Scarbell, daughter & legatee
John Scarbell, son in law
Sibell Phare, daughter & legatee
Richard Phare, son in law
John Martin, tenant
Mary Reddacliffe, granddaughter
Elizabeth Reddacliffe, granddaughter
Luke Phare, grandson
Ruth Phare, granddaughter
John Scalbine(?), son in law
John Scalbine(?), grandson
William Moore, witness
Theophilus Stone, witness
PROB 11/264/147link
WimpeyJoseph17931796gentlemanWilliam Wimpey, son
Sarah Wimpey, wife
Charles Bill, friend & trustee
Sarah Wimpey, wife & legatee
William Hooper, father in law, deceased
Mary Kimber, former servant & legatee
Sarah Kimber, legatee
Samuel Kimber, husband of Sarah
William Wimpey, son & legatee
William Pendar, brother & legatee
Felicia Sears, sister in law & legatee
Thomas Sears, husband of Felicia
Susanna Hooper, sister in law & legatee
Mary Hooper, sister in law & legatee
Jaine Hooper, sister in law & legatee
William Baker, witness
Elizabeth Baker, witness
Thomas Shapland, witness
William Wynne Knight, judge
PROB 11/1272/31link
RiceJohn1807yeomanMary Rice, wifeIR 26/342/711link
CoombeLewis1808yeomanCharles Kinglik Jun, kinsmanCharles Kinglik Jun, kinsman & trustee
William Coombe, son & legatee
Samuel Coombe, son & legatee
IR 26/343/68link
HortopRoger1811yeomanElizabeth Hortop, wife
John Hortop, son
Henry Hortop, son & legatee
James Hortop, son & legatee
Grace Beavan, daughter & legatee
Mary Rice, daughter & legatee
Joan Rundle, daughter & legatee
Elizabeth Halson, daughter & legatee
Roger Hortop, son & legatee
Elizabeth Hortop, wife & legatee
John Hortop, son & legatee
Margaret Haines, daughter & legatee
John Haines, son in law
IR 26/343/416link
KennardNicholas18161824yeomanRichard Kennard, sonElizabeth Kennard, wife & legatee
Nicholas Kennard, son & legatee
William Sleman, debtor
William Kennard, son & legatee
Elizabeth Marshall, daughter & legatee
Jane Down, daughter & legatee
Ann Johns, daughter & legatee
Sarah Jackman, daughter & legatee
Richard Kennard, son & legatee
Roger Reddicliffe, witness
William Baker, witness
PROB 11/1686/136link
Cocks or CockGeorge18231823yeoman,
grocer & tea
dealer of
Mary Cocks, wife
Mary Cocks, wife & legatee
Mary Saunders, witness
Ann Gibbing, witness
William Walter Gurney, witness
John Danberry, Judge
PROB 11/1678/300link
TickleWilliam18501852yeomanWilliam Tickle, son
Mary Ann Blanchard, daughter
(residuary legatees, no executor)
Agnes Langamead, daughter & legatee
William Tickle, son & legatee
Mary Ann Blanchard, daughter & legatee
John Blanchard, son in law
Richard Bevan, witness
William Bennett, witness
Henry Wood, Commissioner
PROB 11/2156/93link