Poor Law Settlements, Removals & Bastardy 1772-1840

The following Poor Law records relating to the Bratton Clovelly parish are held at the Devon Heritage Centre. The records include Settlement Examinations, Removal Orders and a Bastardy Examination.

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Record TypeSurnameGiven NameYearOccupationNamed PartiesDHC RefTranscript
Settlement ExamPengellyWilliam1772labourerRobert Day, Bratton Clovelly, employer
William Spry, Stowford, landlord
Richard Turner, Tavistock, landlord
Nathaniel Beard, Justice of the Peace
John Jago, Justice of the Peace
2002A/PO 87link
Settlement ExamBalkwillWilliam1774labourerJonas Parsons, Black Torrington, master
William Martin, Thrushelton, employer
H Stevens, Justice of the Peace
J Woollcombe, Justice of the Peace
Richard Vivian Willesford, Justice of the Peace
John Jago, Justice of the Peace
2002A/PO 88link
Removal OrderLishmanJohn1781Mary, wife
Mary, aged 8 months, daughter
T H Luxmoore, Justice of the Peace
Thomas Pearce Stockin, Justice of the Peace
2002A/PO 92link
Removal OrderBraggElizabeth1787spinsterJ Arnett, Justice of the Peace
George Bickford, Justice of the Peace
Settlement ExamBurnettMary1801Samuel Burnett, Woodbury, husband
William Hull, Justice of the Peace
Henry Marker Jun, Justice of the Peace
(Access to Archives, 2932 A/PO 102/3/20)
Bastardy ExamSmaleElizabeth1810singlewomanPhilip Swallowcombe, Bratton Clovelly, reputed father
Calmady Pollexfen Hamlyn, Justice of the Peace
Albany Savile, Justice of the Peace
2002A/PO 91link
Removal OrderFieldMargaret1817widowCharles Field, late husband, tailor
Ann, aged 17 months, daughter
William Fusden, Plymouth, Constable
Samuel Pym, Plymouth, Mayor & Justice
William Lockyer, Plymouth, Justice of the Peace
William King Jun, Governor
Bartholomew Dunsterville, Governor's Assistant
2002A/PO 93link
Removal OrderSmaleWilliam1818Sarah, wife
Elizabeth, aged 8, daughter
John, aged 5, son
James, aged 4, son
Humphry, aged 9 weeks, son
Arthur Kelly, Justice of the Peace
Samuel Harness, Justice of the Peace
2002A/PO 94link
Settlement ExamBrookAgnes1840Workhouse inmateThomas Brook, late husband, yeoman
Mr Browne, Beaworthy, employer
Thomas Phear, Northlew, employer
Mr Weeks, Northlew, employer
James Breyley, Northlew, employer
Mr Widdecombe, Staverton, employer
Thomas Hext, Ashburton, employer
William Northcott, Thrushelton, employer
John Morth Woollcombe, Justice of the Peace
James Harris Veale, Justice of the Peace
2002A/PO 89link