Manor Roll M10 1493 Compotus (Account)

The following manor document is a Compotus or Account, Devon Heritage Centre reference 314M/M/10.

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29 Sep 1493Bratton, Compotus, year ended 29 September 1493
BrattonAccount of Roger Corndon, Bailiff in the same place, from the feast of Saint Michael the Archangel in the 8th year of the reign of King Henry VII until the same feast of Saint Michael in the 9th year of the reign of our same Lord the King.Corndon
Rent of AssizeThe same [Roger Corndon] answers for £6 15s 9d received from all rent of assize in the same place this year, as appears by the rental in the same place renewed in the 5th year of our Lord the now King.Corndon
Sum £6 15s 9d
Perquisites of CourtsAnd he [Roger Corndon] answers for 9s 1d received from pleas and perquisites of 7 courts held in the same place this year, as in the Court Rolls,
And for 8d received from rent of censure in the same place this year, as in the same,
And 5s 8d received from strays over one year and sold this year.
Sum 15s 4d [should be 15s 5d]
Sum Total of Rental £7 11s 1d [should be £7 11s 2d]
Expenses and PaymentsWhereof the same accounts for a payment to Thomas Corndon of a certain annual pension granted to him for the term of his life by deed, 20s,
And in the Steward’s expenses for the aforesaid 7 courts to be held in the same place, as in the Court Rolls this year, 4s 10d,
And in the expenses of John Walshe and Roger Corndon at Okehampton at the time of the audit and settling of this account [3d],
And in parchment bought for the Court Rolls, Estreats and Accounts to be written up this year, 12d,
And paid to the Earl of Devon’s Bailiff of his Honour of Okehampton for the lord’s homage in the same place to be released this year, 3s 8d.
Corndon, Walshe
Sum 29s 9d
Deliveries of MoneyWhereof the same accounts himself to have delivered to Andrew Harlewyne, in rents for the terms of Christmas <25s 8d> and Easter <31s 10d> 57s 6d.Harlewyne
Sum 57s 6d
Sum of all payments and deliveries £4 7s 3d
And he owes 63s 2d [should be 63s 11d]
And out of which, in the expenses of John Walshe riding towards Bratton & Domors, 14dWalshe
And he owes 62s which he has paid
And thus he is quit