1715 Militia Assessment

From the Friends of Devon’s Archives, ‘An assesment made ye 24th day of October 1715 for the settleling the malitia being the number of 9 mens armes charged & impossed upon the p[ar]ish affores[ai]d for the farryners after the rate of fifty pounds p[er] annum towards the maynetaineing of every foote shoulddier as followeth viz’

[In the documents, the amounts recorded are arranged in groups normally adding up to £50 (or multiples of £50), and known as ‘fifties’, each responsible for providing one or more soldiers]

Officials: William Hill & John Rowe, Constables, endorsed on back ‘men 9’

FiftyType/LiabilityTitleGiven NameSurnameName QualifierLiability for£s
Group 1armsMadamCollmodyEastlake500
Group 2armsShadrachVincentRector500
Group 3armsJohNosworthygent100
Group 3JohnRow100
Group 3CharlesElsyngBratton Town & Caddenpitt90
Group 3WilliamChaslyBrox Combe80
Group 3Ticklewidow of80
Group 3ThoRow50
Group 3JohnGlanfill& (others?)    
Group 4armsShadrachStephens2510
Group 4JohnGlanfilSouth Breysell90
Group 4HenryRow70
Group 4ElyzabethTapssonBorough410
Group 4JohnSprey& the occupants of BushBush40
Group 5armsArthurTurner2010
Group 5NathSweetenham110
Group 5MrsMaryHill710
Group 5RobortDay60
Group 5ThomasHill50
Group 6armsJohnLuxmooreBorough130
Group 6HenryLavers90
Group 6OliverDrown50
Group 6WilliamTickle60
Group 6WilliamMetterMetter (Cockram's Tenement crossed out)90
Group 6RobertRodden [or Kodden]80
Group 6WilliamLuxmoore& (others?)    
Group 6JohnLavers& (others?)    
Group 6WilliamTickle& (others?)    
Group 6RichardTickle& (others?)    
Group 7armsWilliamRow140
Group 7JohnNorthom110
Group 7FrancisNorthy60
Group 7MrCoryndon50
Group 7JohnTickleBorough50
Group 7RogerCoslake50
Group 7WilliamChaslyCockrams40
Group 7WilliamCoslake& (others?)    
Group 7WilliamBoyley& (others?)    
Group 7the occupants of BlaggroBlaggro    
Group 8armsSimionWebberRector140
Group 8JohnElecottBo[a]sley1210
Group 8JohnRundle1210
Group 8HenryCose [or Case]60
Group 8JohnHole50
Group 8CatheraineDrown& (others?)    
Group 9armsJohnLuxmooregent240
Group 9MrCharlesHutton100
Group 9JohnBeckolake60
Group 9JohnDrownRecson60
Group 9ThomasSteartgentBradcraft40