1699 Militia List

When the Friends of Devon’s Archives were cataloguing the 1723 Militia Assessment, we are fortunate that they located a 1699 Militia List for the Lifton Hundred. The list names nine officers and 154 soldiers, identified as ‘A list of the trained souldiers under the com[m]and of Lieutennt Col[onel] Josias Calmady in S[i]r Francis Drakes regiment’. The nine officers were from across the Hundred, however the commanding officer Josias Calmady was from Eastlake Farm in Bratton Clovelly therefore we have included the list of officers in the transcript below. Bratton Clovelly was required to provide 9 soldiers in total for the militia and the 8 soldiers listed below are those from Bratton Clovelly in addition to Josias.

DayMonthYearParishGiven NameSurnameRank
30101699Lifton HundredJosiasCalmadyEsqr Lieutennt Col[onel]
30101699Lifton HundredJohnCoutesgent Lieutennt
30101699Lifton HundredSamuellKarkeetMerch[an]t Ensigne
30101699Lifton HundredJohnMaynardSarjant
30101699Lifton HundredRichardMaynardSarjant
30101699Lifton HundredAlexanderTremeerSarjant
30101699Lifton HundredBartholomewGillDrum[m]er
30101699Lifton HundredBartholomewRowDrum[m]er
30101699Lifton HundredJosephBadgeDrum[m]er
30101699Bratton ClovellyJohnGlanvill
30101699Bratton ClovellyHenryGlanvill
30101699Bratton ClovellyJohnLavers
30101699Bratton ClovellyGeorgeFeater
30101699Bratton ClovellyJohnPote
30101699Bratton ClovellyRobertRaddon
30101699Bratton ClovellyJohnRowe
30101699Bratton ClovellyJohnTickle